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2016 All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Improving Availability and Practicality of Exception-Based Memory Models Minjia Zhang, Swarnendu Biswas, Michael D. Bond OSU-CISRC-4/16-TR01 Download Document
2016 Effective Padding of Multidimensional Arrays to Avoid Cache Conflict Misses Changwan Hong, Wenlei Bao, Albert Cohen, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Louis-Noël Pouchet, Fabrice Rastello, J. Ramanujam, and P. Sadayappan OSU-CISRC-4/16-TR02 Download Document
2016 Legato: End-to-End Bounded Region Serializability Using Commodity Hardware Transactional Memory Aritra Sengupta, Man Cao, Michael D. Bond, Milind Kulkarni OSU-CISRC-10/16-TR03 Download Document
2016 Analysis and Testing of Notifications in Android Wear Applications Hailong Zhang, Atanas Rountev OSU-CISRC-11/16-TR04 Download Document
2016 An Online Dynamic Analysis for Sound Predictive Data Race Detection Jake Roemer and Michael D. Bond OSU-CISRC-11/16-TR05 Download Document
2017 Efficient Architecture Support for Region-Serializability-Based Consistency Swarnendu Biswas, Rui Zhang, Michael D. Bond, Brandon Lucia OSU-CISRC-4/17-TR01 Download Document
2017 Soft-Swipe: Enabling High-Accuracy Pairing of Vehicles to Lanes using COTS Technology Gopi Krishna Tummala, Derrick Cobb, Prasun Sinha, and Rajiv Ramnath OSU-CISRC-6/17-TR02 Download Document
2018 High-Coverage, Unbounded Sound Predictive Race Detection Jake Roemer, Kaan Genç, Michael D. Bond OSU-CISRC-3/18-TR01 Download Document
2018 wPerf: Generic Off-CPU Analysis to Identify Bottleneck Waiting Events (Technical Report) Fang Zhou, Yifan Gan, Sixiang Ma, Yang Wang OSU-CISRC-9/18-TR02 Download Document
2018 PrivAid: Differentially-Private Event Frequency Analysis for Google Analytics in Android Apps Hailong Zhang, Sufian Latif, Raef Bassily, and Atanas Rountev OSU-CISRC-10/18-TR04 Download Document
2019 Modeling and Managing Fully Autonomous Aerial Systems Jayson Boubin, Naveen T.R., Shiqi Zhang, John Chumley and Christopher Stewart OSU-CISRC-4/19-TR01 Download Document
2019 Tweets Can Tell: Activity Recognition using Hybrid Long Short-Term Memory Model Renhao Cui, Gagan Agrawal, Rajiv Ramnath OSU-CISRC-7/19-TR02 Download Document
2020 Towards a Modular Proof Rule for Parallel Operation Calls Alan Weide, Paolo A. G. Sivilotti, and Murali Sitaraman OSU-CISRC-3/20-TR01 Download Document
2020 Using Move Semantics in C++ to Minimize Aliasing and Simplify Reasoning Alan Weide, Paolo A. G. Sivilotti, and Murali Sitaraman OSU-CISRC-7/20-TR02 Download Document
2021 A comprehensive exploration of machine learning and statistical models for imputation, data augmentation, and prediction of indoor airborne pollutant concentrations Ahmad Mohammadshirazi, George H. Fang, Ashvini A Kulshrestha, Jordan Clark, Rajiv Ramnath,,,,, OSU-CISRC-7/21-TR01 Download Document
2021 Enabling Modular Proofs of Correctness for Parallel Programs Using Annotated Abstract Data Types Alan Weide, Paolo A. G. Sivilotti, and Murali Sitaraman OSU-CISRC-10/21-TR02 Download Document
2022 Not as easy as you think -- experiences and lessons learnt from trying to create a bottom-up visualization image typology Jian Chen, Petra Isenberg, Robert S. Laramee, Tobias Isenberg, Michael Sedlmair, Torsten Moeller, Han-Wei Shen OSU-CISRC-9/22-TR01 Download Document